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Short Answer Questions

1. What sound do the Baudelaire children hear while trying to think up a plan?

2. When does Mr. Poe say the children will be at Captain Sham's house?

3. What does Aunt Josephine say is definite proof that Captain Sham isn't Count Olaf?

4. What does Sunny suggest might be the plan of Count Olaf?

5. What does Aunt Josephine say that her mother-in-law had in addition to only one eyebrow?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe what happens in Chapter six when Klaus looks at Aunt Josephine's suicide note again just before they leave to go meet Captain Sham.

2. Describe the children and Aunt Josephine's trip to town in Chapter 3.

3. Why do the children think that Mr. Poe will not be any help to them in the beginning of Chapter 5 after Mr. Poe has been called about Aunt Josephine's death?

4. What does Aunt Josephine correct on Captain Sham's business card?

5. What does Mr.Poe tell the children in Chapter 1 as he puts them in the taxi cab?

6. How does Josephine describe what happened to Ike in Chapter 2?

7. What does the narrator say about business cards in Chapter 4?

8. In the beginning of Chapter 4 what is the conversation that takes place around the dinner table?

9. What do the children find when they go into the library after finding the note in Chapter 4?

10. What happens in Chapter 3 when the Baudelaire children are trying to explain to Aunt Josephine that Captain Sham is really Count Olaf?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Aunt Josephine leaves a hidden message in a note for the children rather than protecting them or calling the police.

1) What does this say about her character?

2) What other methods could she have used to have hidden a message for the children?

3) Why did the author use a hidden message for Josephine? What did it accomplish in the story?

Essay Topic 2

Describe the family dynamics in the story.

1) In what way are Klaus, Violet and Sunny typical children and have a typical relationship?

2) In what way are they atypical?

Essay Topic 3

Why does Mr. Poe stand on the dock screaming at Count Olaf to stop rather than taking action of some type? What does this represent for the Baudelaire children?

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