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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Violet say she thinks that she and her siblings should do?
(a) Go home and lie down
(b) Go to the hospital
(c) Sue the restaurant
(d) Got a doctor

2. Why do the children say Aunt Josephine has a chance?
(a) She is away from the Leeches
(b) She is a strong swimmer
(c) There are other boats out on the lake
(d) There is a buoy near by

3. What does Sunny do while her siblings are trying to convince Mr. Poe that Aunt Josephine may still be alive?
(a) Gets into the water
(b) Bites Captain Sham's peg leg
(c) Gets into Mr. Poe's car
(d) Goes over to a sail boat

4. What does Captain Sham say Aunt Josephine is going to be joining?
(a) The Leeches
(b) Mr. Poe
(c) Ike
(d) The wackos at the state institution

5. What does Count Olaf's accomplice pick Violet up by?
(a) Her hair
(b) Her shirt
(c) Her arm
(d) Her neck

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the narrator say there are few sights sadder than?

2. What does Violet do while they sail?

3. What happens to Sunny when she eats a peppermint?

4. What do Klaus and Violet tell Mr. Poe that they have to go do?

5. When does Mr. Poe say he doesn't drink?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Violet do under the table while they are eating at the restaurant?

2. How does the creature stop the Baudelaire children after it wakes up?

3. Describe the invention that Violet makes in Chapter 11 and what it does.

4. What does Josephine tell the children had happened to her when she decided to run away?

5. What does Captain Sham tell Mr. Poe about him and Josephine in chapter seven while they are eating at the restauarant?

6. What does Josephine's library look like when Klaus enters in Chapter 8?

7. What do the children think about when Josephine is thrown overboard and they sail away from her.

8. Describe the scene at the end of Chapter 12 where the Baudelaire children, Captain Sham, and Mr. Poe are having their argument.

9. What is the realization that the children come to after talking with Aunt Josephine in the cave in Chapter 10?

10. Describe the Baudelaires' journey to the Fickle Ferry in Chapter 9.

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