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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Violet decide they must do in order to get to Aunt Josephine?
(a) Find a car
(b) Go to the police
(c) Swim
(d) Steal a boat

2. Who comes to rescue the children after seeing the fire?
(a) Mr. Poe
(b) Captain Sham
(c) The creature
(d) The harbor patrol

3. What does Mr. Poe say that Captain Sham will have to do before the children will be put into his care?
(a) Put the children into a good school
(b) Go before a judge
(c) Sign some papers
(d) Show Mr. Poe his house

4. Why does Captain Sham no one will believe Josephine?
(a) Everyone knows she is a nut
(b) She is dead
(c) She is a liar
(d) She is too scared to tell anyone

5. Why does Klaus say the Leeches probably won't show up?
(a) The hurricane scared them away
(b) Bananas don't smell very strong
(c) They are moving too fast
(d) Leeches sleep at night

Short Answer Questions

1. What wakes up Count Olaf's accomplice?

2. Due to their swollen tongues, what is the only thing that Klaus and Sunny can say?

3. Why does Klaus say rowing won't help?

4. What does Klaus continue to do while they sail across the lake?

5. What do Klaus and Violet tell Mr. Poe that they have to go do?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Captain Sham say to the children when they get into his boat?

2. What does Klaus do in Chapter 8 when he enters the library room?

3. What does Captain Sham tell Mr. Poe about him and Josephine in chapter seven while they are eating at the restauarant?

4. What happens to the Baudelaire children when the eat the peppermints?

5. What do the children think about when Josephine is thrown overboard and they sail away from her.

6. What does the narrator explain when Violet says they are going to steal a sailboat?

7. Describe how the children sail the boat in Chapter 10.

8. What do the children realize after the storm has passed and they are on the lake?

9. Describe the scene in Chapter 11 when the Leeches arrive.

10. Describe the Baudelaires' journey to the Fickle Ferry in Chapter 9.

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