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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Aunt Josephine say every few minutes while they are in the boat?
(a) Heavens to Murgatroy
(b) My oh my
(c) Oh no
(d) Oh dear

2. What does Josephine say she knew the children were?
(a) Resilient
(b) Clever
(c) Ingenious
(d) Intrusive

3. What does Klaus explain that he believes Aunt Josephine left in the note?
(a) Her bank information
(b) A message
(c) Information about Captain Sham
(d) A map

4. Which of the Baudelaire children goes in after the keys to the sailboat?
(a) Klaus
(b) Violet
(c) All three of them
(d) Sunny

5. What does Violet need from Josephine to make her invention work?
(a) Shawl
(b) Hair net
(c) Bobby pins
(d) Earrings

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Josephine say she will help the children do after she catches her breath?

2. Why does Klaus say rowing won't help?

3. What does Captain Sham say the Baudelaire children will be in just a few short hours

4. Where does Captain Sham say that he and Josephine had met while he is telling Mr. Poe the story?

5. What happens to Sunny when she eats a peppermint?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Larry the waiter offer the children to eat?

2. What does Aunt Josephine say when Captain Sham say he is going to thrown her overboard?

3. Describe the invention that Violet makes in Chapter 11 and what it does.

4. What does Captain Sham say to the children when they get into his boat?

5. What do the children realize after the storm has passed and they are on the lake?

6. Describe the scene when the Baudelaire children first arrive back at Josephine's house in the beginning of Chapter 8.

7. Describe the Baudelaires' journey to the Fickle Ferry in Chapter 9.

8. What happens in Chapter 8 just after the children have found the atlas to tell them where Aunt Josephine is hiding?

9. Describe how Aunt Josephine acts when the children first get her into the boat in Chapter 11?

10. In the end of Chapter 11 what does the author mean by the phrase 'mixed blessing'?

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