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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Klaus say the Leeches probably won't show up?
(a) Leeches sleep at night
(b) Bananas don't smell very strong
(c) The hurricane scared them away
(d) They are moving too fast

2. What is Sunny's job on the sailboat?
(a) Hold the atlas open to the right page
(b) Shine a light in the right direction
(c) Bite the ropes that hold the life raft to the sail boat
(d) Steer with the tiller

3. What does the narrator say that Count Olaf's accomplice held Sunny up like?
(a) A sucker
(b) A prize
(c) A dirty sock
(d) An ice cream cone

4. Due to their swollen tongues, what is the only thing that Klaus and Sunny can say?
(a) Plab
(b) Bluh
(c) Thppppb
(d) Gag

5. When does Mr. Poe say he doesn't drink?
(a) Weekday
(b) While he eats
(c) Banking hours
(d) In front of children

6. What does Count Olaf's accomplice pick Violet up by?
(a) Her neck
(b) Her shirt
(c) Her arm
(d) Her hair

7. Who is waiting at the dock when the children arrive with Captain Sham?
(a) The creature
(b) The Fickle Ferry captain
(c) Mr. Poe
(d) The police

8. Where does Captain Sham say that he and Josephine had met while he is telling Mr. Poe the story?
(a) At the Lake
(b) Cooking school
(c) In the grocery store
(d) While at a theater

9. What wakes up Count Olaf's accomplice?
(a) The children talking
(b) The door closing
(c) The gate opening
(d) Thunder

10. What does Captain Sham say Aunt Josephine is going to be joining?
(a) The Leeches
(b) The wackos at the state institution
(c) Ike
(d) Mr. Poe

11. What does Sunny abandon her post at the tiller to do?
(a) Hold down Josephine
(b) Row
(c) Knock back the Leeches
(d) Bail out the water

12. What does Klaus explain that he believes Aunt Josephine left in the note?
(a) A message
(b) A map
(c) Her bank information
(d) Information about Captain Sham

13. Where do the children intend to get a boat to go find Aunt Josephine?
(a) Rubber raft they find
(b) Captain Sham's rentals
(c) Romantic row boat get away rental
(d) Local fishing crew

14. What does Violet realize the message in Aunt Josephine's letter means?
(a) Aunt Josephine isn't dead
(b) Aunt Josephine is nuts
(c) Aunt Josephine is going to rescue the children
(d) Aunt Josephine knew Captain Sham

15. What does Captain Sham say he thought had happened to the children?
(a) Went to the hospital for their allergies
(b) Ran away
(c) Fell off the cliff with the house
(d) Gotten lost on the way home

Short Answer Questions

1. Why do the children say Aunt Josephine has a chance?

2. What does Violet decide they must do in order to get to Aunt Josephine?

3. What books does Violet say they need in order to find out what Josephine meant by the message left hidden in her note?

4. What does Sunny do while her siblings are trying to convince Mr. Poe that Aunt Josephine may still be alive?

5. What does Mr. Poe say that Captain Sham will have to do before the children will be put into his care?

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