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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What would happen to Klaus if he ate Mr. Poe's candy?
(a) Face break out
(b) Tongue swell up
(c) Stomach cramps
(d) Nose bleed

2. Where are the Baudelaire orphans at the very beginning of Chapter 1?
(a) Damocles Dock
(b) At a police station
(c) Mr. Poe's car
(d) In bed

3. Why is Aunt Josephine scared to drive in cars?
(a) The exhaust fumes were dangerous
(b) Doors might get stuck
(c) She had watched a movie where the car came to life
(d) They could blow up

4. What does Aunt Josephine say that they should do for Captain Sham?
(a) Introduce him around town
(b) Go wash his boats
(c) Take him to a town dance
(d) Invite him to dinner

5. What does the narrator say that he can tell the reader?
(a) They are in far worse danger than Aunt Josephine
(b) Aunt Josephine isn't dead
(c) The worst is yet to come
(d) Mr. Poe won't be any help

6. What is the name of the restaurant with balloons in the window and neon lights?
(a) Salty Sea Dog
(b) WhatsaMatterU
(c) Anxious Clown
(d) Circus Climate

7. What does Klaus say he still has nightmares about?
(a) The thought of being taken back to Olaf
(b) Count Olaf's stove
(c) The play the children had to take part in with Olaf
(d) The tattoo on Olaf's ankle

8. What does Josephine say that Ike, her dead husband, could do?
(a) Pat his head and rub his stomach
(b) Whistle while eating crackers
(c) Keep his eyes open while sneezing
(d) Skip backwards

9. What does Violet say she cannot wait to do?
(a) Tear up the letter
(b) Eat a hot meal
(c) Throw Captain Sham out the window
(d) Tell Mr. Poe about Captain Sham

10. What does Mr. Poe say the children should respect?
(a) Josephine's will
(b) Their parents' wishes
(c) Their elders
(d) Captain Sham

11. What does Aunt Josephine say she hopes will happen soon?
(a) Have chilled cucumber soup
(b) Children move out
(c) See Captain Sham again
(d) Storm pass over

12. What happened to the children's previous guardian, Uncle Monty?
(a) Died in his sleep
(b) Murdered
(c) Bitten by a snake
(d) Was committed

13. What does Klaus suggest they do in Chapter 4 but Violet disagrees with it due to past experience?
(a) Laying a trap for Count Olaf
(b) Telling Mr. Poe
(c) Call the police
(d) Run away

14. What does Sunny suggest might be the plan of Count Olaf?
(a) Using them for fishing bait
(b) Hidding them in the boat
(c) Putting Leeches in their bed
(d) Marrying Josephine for the money

15. When does Mr. Poe say the children will be at Captain Sham's house?
(a) Within the hour
(b) As soon as Josephine's affairs are straightened out
(c) Within the next week
(d) That night

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Aunt Josephine say the radiator might do?

2. What do the Baudelaire children feel as they walk home?

3. What does Mr. Poe say he needs to do in Chapter 6 after discovering that the note was in fact left by Aunt Josephine?

4. Where does Mr. Poe say they are meeting Captain Sham?

5. What does Josephine say that Violet is for answering the door?

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