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1. What does the narrator explain in Chapter 1 about the children and the adventure that they are about to have?

The narrator says that if you saw the Baudelaire children you might think that they were going on a grand adventure and that this is only in part true. The children were going to have exciting things happen to them. However the Baudelaire children weren't going to have many good things happen at all and it is not the kind of adventure that a person should want.

2. Describe the scene in Chapter 1 when Mr. Poe hands the children the bag of candies.

Mr. Poe hands the children a bag of peppermints. Mr. Poe has known the children their whole life but can't remember that they are allergic to peppermints. Klaus' tongue will swell up and Violet will break out in rashes. Sunny doesn't know what will happen as she has never tried a mint after watching her siblings reactions.

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