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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Aunt Josephine afraid the sofa will do?
(a) Swallow someone
(b) Fall on someone
(c) Completely throw off the feng-shui
(d) Break through the floor

2. What is Aunt Josephine afraid the door mat could do?
(a) Make the house look ugly
(b) Hold deadly bugs
(c) Grow a fungus
(d) Cause someone to trip

3. What does Count Olaf say his new business is?
(a) Renting boats
(b) Child walfare
(c) Starting a new restaurant
(d) Fishing exports

4. What would happen to Violet if she ate Mr. Poe's candy?
(a) Break out into hives
(b) Begin to have trouble breathing
(c) Faint
(d) Vomit

5. What does Aunt Josephine say that her mother-in-law had in addition to only one eyebrow?
(a) Four fingers
(b) Eleven toes
(c) One ear
(d) Two teeth

Short Answer Questions

1. What present does Klaus get from Aunt Josephine?

2. What color is the carpet and bed spreads in the Baudelaires' bedroom?

3. Why does Josephine not meet the children on the dock?

4. What does the Taxi drive say the children will have to wait for before making friends?

5. What is Klaus' greatest joy in life?

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