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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Captain Sham say that he and Josephine had met while he is telling Mr. Poe the story?
(a) At the Lake
(b) While at a theater
(c) In the grocery store
(d) Cooking school

2. What does Klaus find attached to the door?
(a) A piece of paper with a thumbtack
(b) A map
(c) A code with a nail
(d) A poem with a piece of tape

3. In the letter Aunt Josephine leaves who does she leave the children to?
(a) Mr. Poe
(b) Captain Sham
(c) The local orphanage
(d) Count Olaf

4. What does Violet take with her to the restaurant?
(a) Peppermints
(b) Her telephone invention
(c) Gears from the toy trains
(d) Sunny's rattle

5. What does the narrator say he once had cards made up to say?
(a) He was an admiral in the French navy
(b) He was a membery of the clergy
(c) He was a door to door salesman
(d) He sold golf balls

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Klaus suggest they do in Chapter 4 but Violet disagrees with it due to past experience?

2. What does Violet say she thinks that she and her siblings should do?

3. What does Aunt Josephine say that Captain Sham has planned for the children?

4. What does Aunt Josephine say that Klaus is being?

5. What happens to Sunny when she eats a peppermint?

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