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Lake Lachrymose

This place is the central feature of the Baudelaires' new home. It is a large body of water and home to leeches. Several caves line the shores and Aunt Josephine's house is located above this place on a cliff.

Fickle Ferry

This is the boat that the children take to their new home.

Damocles Dock

This is the place where the children arrive when they come to meet their new guardian. The name refers to a story where the hero had a sword suspended over his head by a single thread, a source of constant danger.

Lavender Lighthouse

This place is located on the lake. Instead of the usual white spotlight, it has a lavender spotlight, hence its name.

Aunt Josephine's Home

This place is located on a cliff. Most of the place is supported by wooden beams which are the only things keeping it from...

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