The Wide Window Character Descriptions

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Violet Baudelaire

This character is 14-years-old and has the ability to invent things. This character also has an idiosyncrasy of tying up his/her hair when trying to think. This character creates a signaling device and even manages to find a way to create more time.

Klaus Baudelaire

This character is 12-years-old and has read an incredible number of books. This character is given a model train, but finds toys like this incredibly dull. This character is able to research problems thoroughly and pore through complicated books with ease.

Sunny Baudelaire

This character is described as an infant and has four teeth that are very well developed and quite sharp. This character's gift is a rattle, which he/she does not like. This character enjoys biting things.

Mr. Poe

This character is a family friend of the Baudelaires and is the banker who is in charge of finding...

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