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Chapter 1

• The Baudelaire children are sitting at the docks on their way to meet their new guardian.

• Their new guardian lost her husband to the Leeches in the Lake.

• Mr. Poe gives the children a bag of candies they are allergic to.

• The children arrive at the rickety looking house and meet their new guardian.

Chapter 2

• Aunt Josephine is their new guardian and has many irrational fears.

• The children are shown to their rooms and given toys of their very own.

• Aunt Josephine makes them a cold dinner since she is afraid of the stove.

• Aunt Josephine talks about her husband, Ike, and how he died.

Chapter 3

• The Baudelaires and Josephine go into town for groceries.

• Violet goes off to get cucumbers and runs into Count Olaf, disguised and introducing himself as Captain Sham.

• Aunt Josephine meets Captain Sham and thinks him to be a very nice man...

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