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Short Answer Questions

1. What seems to be the author's purpose in this section?

2. Why does the King want Mordred back?

3. What is the state of Arthur's Companions (Knights of the Round Table)?

4. What sends Gaheris into a rage?

5. Why does Mordred try to visit Nimue?

Short Essay Questions

1. What confusion occurs in Guinevere's bed chamber?

2. Unfortunately for Arthur, what news does he hear while injured?

3. What is Mordred called by Arthur's army and why?

4. As Mordred comes back to Camelot, what changes is he informed of?

5. When do the young Celts decide to attack their Queen and Bedwyr?

6. Why do the twins track down and kill Lamorak?

7. As Mordred takes control of the Round Table, who also helps him?

8. Why does Mordred promise Guinevere a place at his side?

9. Why does Arthur choose Mordred to accompany him on the trip to meet the Saxons?

10. Why must Mordred and Bedwyr go after Princess Elen?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Gareth is the youngest of all Morgause's sons. Analyze the character.

Describe how he is protected by Gawain and then Mordred.

How is Gareth manipulated by all of his brothers?

Why does he allow himself to be pushed around and how does this lead to his death?

Essay Topic 2

Research the legend of Guinevere.

Why have historians and other writers constantly tried to present a good woman as an adulterer?

Does it have to do with her ability to influence powerful men?

Essay Topic 3

Describe the theme of Freedom and how it pertains to the following characters:

- Merlin

- Mordred

- Arthur

- Queen Morgause

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