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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As Mordred and Arthur arrive in Brittany, what horrible event has happened?
(a) Famine has killed many people.
(b) An Earthquake has killed a village.
(c) Queen Morgan has killed herself.
(d) A rapist has taken Princess Elen.

2. What news does this person give Mordred?
(a) The King wants to kills Mordred.
(b) Queen Morgan is looking for him.
(c) The King knows that Mordred was defending the queen.
(d) The Queen desperately misses Mordred.

3. As the chapter ends, what does Mordred believe of Arthur and Guinevere?
(a) Arthur is hunting him and Guinevere did not stand up for him.
(b) He no longer wants to be in Camelot.
(c) They are not truly his friends.
(d) They will come for him.

4. After war starts, who do the Romans send for?
(a) Their King.
(b) Slaves to protect their lands.
(c) The allies.
(d) Reinforcements.

5. How has Morgause's influence ruined Arthur's life?
(a) Mordred was born.
(b) She poisoned Merlin and robbed Arthur of his guidance.
(c) Put sad thoughts in Arthur's had.
(d) Made Arthur blood thirsty.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which brother helps Mordred to escape Camelot?

2. What does Arthur ask Mordred to do again and again?

3. What does Arthur refuse to discuss with his son, Mordred?

4. Who does Mordred learn has died?

5. Where do Arthur and Mordred find Gaheris living like a mad man?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Arthur choose Mordred to accompany him on the trip to meet the Saxons?

2. Why do the twins track down and kill Lamorak?

3. Why does war break out with Rome?

4. What confusion occurs in Guinevere's bed chamber?

5. As Mordred comes back to Camelot, what changes is he informed of?

6. Why does Mordred want to visit Nimue?

7. Why does Mordred decide to flee Camelot?

8. What causes confusion between all the characters during the last part of the book?

9. Why does Arthur take away Gaheris' banishment?

10. Why must Mordred and Bedwyr go after Princess Elen?

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