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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Chapters 8-9 foreshadow?
(a) The chapters show Morgause getting closer to her son.
(b) Merlin's evilness.
(c) The chapters are heavy with impending change.
(d) Mordred's death.

2. How does Arthur continue to respect Queen Guinevere?
(a) He will not openly call Mordred his son.
(b) Tells her about Mordred's existence.
(c) He asks her to adopt Mordred.
(d) Consults her on whether or not he should claim Mordred.

3. How does Mordred currently feel about his mother?
(a) He wishes she loved him more.
(b) He cannot see her manipulations.
(c) He feels resentment towards her.
(d) He loves her still.

4. What type of people are the twins turning into?
(a) Helpful and smart.
(b) Sweet and knightly.
(c) Violent and impulsive.
(d) Courageous.

5. Which of Morgause's actions in Chapter 9 shock Mordred?
(a) She tells Mordred the truth.
(b) Morgause tells Mordred he must leave Camelot forever.
(c) She cuts off all her hair.
(d) Morgause kisses Mordred.

6. Why does Mordred kill Gabran?
(a) Gabran insults his mother.
(b) Gabran insults Arthur.
(c) He learns Gabran set his foster parents' house on fire.
(d) He tried to kill Arthur.

7. How is Arthur's character depicted in the novel?
(a) A mean king.
(b) Corrupt and fat.
(c) Scared and meek.
(d) As a kind and fair person.

8. As Queen Morgause offers her sympathy concerning Morgause's loss, he can tell it is ___________.
(a) Truthful.
(b) Easily given.
(c) Sincere.
(d) False.

9. Where is Mordred brought after he kills Gabran?
(a) Sent back to the islands.
(b) To his mother.
(c) To the dungeons.
(d) To Arthur.

10. How are the brothers treated when they arrive at Camelot?
(a) Turned politely away.
(b) Forced to sleep with commoners.
(c) Asked to wait two towns over.
(d) Rudely, and forced to go home.

11. As she tells Mordred the story of his birth and childhood, who does Queen Morguase lead Mordred to believe his father is?
(a) Arthur.
(b) Gavin.
(c) Gaheris.
(d) King Lot.

12. Why is the castle at Rheged in turmoil?
(a) Arthur has disbanded their army.
(b) An enemy army is approaching.
(c) Queen Morgan's lover was killed by Arthur.
(d) A storm has ruined all of the crops.

13. When Mordred decides to fight the twins for a place to sleep, what does he earn?
(a) Their respect and resentment.
(b) Their respect.
(c) Resentment.
(d) Trouble.

14. What has happened to the maids in Morgause's antechamber?
(a) They were tied up.
(b) They have been drugged.
(c) There were no maids.
(d) They were killed.

15. What did Gabran admit his lover, Morgause, did before dying?
(a) Asked Garban to set the house on fire.
(b) Told him to kindnap the foster parents and hold them hostage.
(c) Told him to murder the foster parents in cold blood.
(d) Begged him not to set the fire.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Sula believe are Mordred's real parents?

2. What is Mordred surprised to see in Chapter 13?

3. As Mordred begins his life as a prince, what does he learn to do?

4. When Mordred threatens Morgause, how does she react?

5. Who does Morgause realize that Arthur wants?

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