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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do all of the Orkney princes slowly become at Camelot?
(a) Kings of various areas.
(b) Knights of the Round Table.
(c) Annoyances.
(d) Princes of Camelot.

2. Why are Gawain and Mordred now friends?
(a) Mordred will no longer be taking land from Gawain.
(b) Mordred confdes in Gawain.
(c) Gawain feels he can learn a lot from Mordred.
(d) They both hate Morgause.

3. To test Mordred, what does Morgause have him do in Chapter 9?
(a) Touch her in appropriately.
(b) Give her a massage.
(c) Has him stare into a pool of water in her conjuring room.
(d) Makes him kill a large animal.

4. Who sends Gawain to bring Mordred back to the castle to be thanked?
(a) Queen Morgause.
(b) King Arthur.
(c) King Lot.
(d) Sula.

5. What is Morgause's walk through the castle symbolic of?
(a) A Queen finding her place.
(b) The presence of evil among beauty.
(c) Evil coming to Camelot.
(d) The rightful Queen returning home.

6. What will the two men try to live with and forget?
(a) Queen Guinevere.
(b) The Orkney princes' unruliness.
(c) Merlin's prophecy.
(d) Morgause's manipulations.

7. What does Arthur promise Mordred in Chapter 15?
(a) He will take care of his son.
(b) He will call him legitimate.
(c) Mordred will be made regent.
(d) Arthur will kill Morgause.

8. Before Mordred can get to the "ailing" Morgause, who has arrived at the convent?
(a) Gaheris.
(b) Gawain.
(c) Gabran.
(d) Agravain.

9. How are the brothers treated when they arrive at Camelot?
(a) Turned politely away.
(b) Forced to sleep with commoners.
(c) Rudely, and forced to go home.
(d) Asked to wait two towns over.

10. What news does the Royal ship bring in Chapter 8?
(a) Mordred should be killed.
(b) Morgause is now Queen of Camelot.
(c) Merlin is dead.
(d) Arthur is dead.

11. What did Gabran admit his lover, Morgause, did before dying?
(a) Told him to kindnap the foster parents and hold them hostage.
(b) Asked Garban to set the house on fire.
(c) Told him to murder the foster parents in cold blood.
(d) Begged him not to set the fire.

12. How are Queen Morguase and King Arthur related?
(a) They are half siblings.
(b) King Arthur is the Queen's uncle.
(c) They are dear friends.
(d) They are cousins.

13. As Queen Morgause offers her sympathy concerning Morgause's loss, he can tell it is ___________.
(a) Truthful.
(b) Easily given.
(c) False.
(d) Sincere.

14. As time goes on, what does Mordred wonder about his place at the castle?
(a) If he will inherit anything as the bastard son of King Lot.
(b) If he should be at the castle at all.
(c) Whether or not Morgause will ever love him.
(d) If he will be pushed out.

15. Who falls in love with Morgause?
(a) Arthur falls in love with her again.
(b) Bedwyr.
(c) Mordred is finally wooed by his own mother.
(d) Knight Lamorak, her appointed guard.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does the group stay while waiting for Arthur's notice to take them to Camelot?

2. Where is the traveler's next stop?

3. What does Mordred notice about his mother's new home?

4. As she tells Mordred the story of his birth and childhood, who does Queen Morguase lead Mordred to believe his father is?

5. How do the two men commiserate and connect with one another?

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