The Wicked Day Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. How do Brude and Sula like raising Mordred and what do they suspect concerning his origins?

It seems as though Sula and Brude have come to see Mordred as their son. They love him very much and enjoy seeing the boy grow. They both suspect that Mordred is not Lot's son. Instead, they think that he is the son of Queen Morgause and King Arthur.

2. How is Mordred introduced to the Orkney princes and Queen Morgause?

As Mordred is playing by the sea. He sees a boy, Gawain, trapped on the cliffs. Mordred helps Gawain who turns out to be a one of the sons of Queen Morgause and King Lot. As the boys rest, the Queen's men come looking for Gawain. After Mordred returns home, he is invited back to the castle to meet the Queen.

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