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Lesson 1 (from Prologue, Book I, Chapters 1-4)


Right away, as the novel begins, the theme of being an outcast is firmly established in the character of Mordred. While Mordred grows up as the foster child of Sula and Brude, he loves his parents deeply, but notices that he is different from them. Once he is introduced to the grandness of Queen Morgause and the Orkney princes, he realizes that he has the potential to learn a lot about his new surroundings, but he will never truly fit in because he is illegitimate. Most of the novel is a struggle for Mordred to fit in with many separate groups.


1. In history, culture, or books set before the 2000s, why are illegitimate children often portrayed as something bad or wrong?

Then answer, why are these illegitimate children forced to bare the brunt of blame for their parent's mistakes?

How does being illegitimate then force...

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