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Essay Topic 1

1. Name the four Orkney princes.

2. Next, Describe each prince.

3. Pick two princes and then compare them to one another. How do these two compete for their mother's affections?

Essay Topic 2

Compare Gawain's legacy to his half brother Mordred. You may use outside references to learn about Gawain and Mordred's historical legacies.

First, compare their historical legacies, then compare their legacies from the Wicked Day?

Essay Topic 3

Describe Morgan to her sister, Queen Morgause.

How are the sisters the same?

How do they both plot the downfall of Arthur?

Essay Topic 4

Explain how Queen Morgause's influence and power are symbolically the poisoning of King Arthur's domain.

Describe the destruction cause by the Orkney princes.

Essay Topic 5

Describe the point of view used by the author throughout the entire book.

Was is first person, second, person, or third person (limited or subjective)?

How does this point of view...

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