The Wicked Day Character Descriptions

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This character is never quite sure of his place and struggles to fit in. He has been lied to about his heritage. Traditionally this person is reviled as the person who brought King Arthur's Camelot to an end. The author tries to show this character's life in a different light.

Merlin, Nimue

This person is known by two different names/bodies in the novel. They are essentially the same person. When Mordred is a child, this person advises Arthur. As Mordred grows older, this character advises Mordred once he is a grown man.

King Arthur

This character is the High Ruler of Britain. He is also a devoted disciple of Merlin the Wizard. This person is the father of Mordred and will eventually meet his end because of Merlin's prophecy.

Brude and Sula

These people are Mordred's foster family. The couple raises the boy as if he...

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