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Prologue, Book I, Chapters 1-4

• The story begins with Mordred living with his two foster parents, Sula and Brude.

• Sula thinks that Mordred is the son of Queen Morgause and King Arthur, not King Lot.

• Mordred sees a boy playing on the cliffs. The boy gets stuck and Mordred helps him from the cliff.

• The boy turns out to be Gawain, Queen Moraguse's son.
• The Queen calls on Mordred so that she may thank him.

• She tells Mordred that he is the bastard son of King Lot.

• She gives him gifts and trinkets and tells him to come live at the castle.

• Mordred unwillingly returns home.

Book I, Chapters 5-7

• Mordred tries to find himself around the other princes. He feels left out because he is a bastard.

• Mordred goes home to see his foster parents, but discovers that his foster parents have died in a house fire...

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