Objects & Places from The White Tiger

Aravind Adiga
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Throughout the narrative, these objects represent and embody both light (as in illumination) and Light (as in success and wealth).

The Wanted Poster

Early in the narrative, Balram describes this object with his face on it. Symbolically, it represents both the truths and the lies that Balram tells other people about himself.

The Red Canvas Bag

This object is used by Mr. Ashok and others to hold money for bribes.

The Black Fort

This setting is mysterious and frightening to Balram, metaphorically representing the views and ways of the culture against which he strives to rebel.

The Honda City

This is the more expensive and luxurious of the vehicles owned by Mr. Ashok and his family.

"Murder Weekly"

This is the name of a cheap, sensationalist magazine popular among Balram's fellow drivers.


Balram buys himself this object and uses it as a kind of disguise, or...

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