The White Tiger Character Descriptions

Aravind Adiga
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Balram Halwai

This is the novel’s central character, its protagonist and narrator. He describes himself, quite proudly and frequently, as an entrepreneur, saying at one point that he is the most successful entrepreneur in India.

Mr. Ashok

This character is the protagonist's employer when the protagonist moves to the city of Dhanbad. He is described as physically attractive and, to some degree, morally upright.

Pinky Madam

This character is the wife of the protagonist's employer. Beautiful, sexy, and demanding, she is the only member of the family who shows at least a degree of compassion for protagonist and the situations he finds himself placed into as a result of that family's morals, perspectives, and actions.

The Stork

This character is a relatively wealthy landowner in Laxmangarh. He requires frequent physical care which the protagonist becomes responsible for.

Mukesh Sir

This character is the elder brother of the protagonist's...

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