The White Tiger Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Aravind Adiga
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Section 1

• In “The First Night,” Balram’s narration begins in the form of a memo being written to the Chinese premier, Wen Jiabao, in the immediate aftermath of Balram hearing on the radio that Jiabao is coming to India.

• Balram comments on his belief that Jiabao is coming to learn about India’s entrepreneurs, of which, Balram says, India has plenty; he also says that he is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in India.

• Balram begins his tale with a description of an encounter he had with his ex-employer Mr. Ashok and his employer’s wife, Pinky Madam.

• The encounter took place while Balram was chauffeuring Ashok and Pinky Madam, and focused on Ashok’s dismay that uneducated people like Balram were running the country.

• Balram begins the narration of his origins, using as a reference a wanted poster that at one point, he says, was published...

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