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Philippa Gregory
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Henry won the battle against Richard, who paid for his hired troops?
(a) His uncle.
(b) King of Spain.
(c) Pope.
(d) King of France.

2. In St. Mary's in the Fields, Norwich, Summer 1487, what shrine does Henry visit?
(a) Our Lady of Walsingham.
(b) St Alban.
(c) St. Cuthbert.
(d) Our Lady of Consolation.

3. In Kenilworth Castle, Warwickshire, June 1487, where are the mercenaries from who have been paid to win England back for York?
(a) Spain.
(b) Russia.
(c) Germany.
(d) France.

4. After the battle in July of 1487, where does Henry command that Elizabeth and Lady Margaret meet him?
(a) London.
(b) Mansfield.
(c) Grantham.
(d) Lincoln.

5. In St. Mary's in the Fields, Norwich, Summer 1487, where has John de la Pole gone?
(a) Glasgow.
(b) Paris.
(c) Dublin.
(d) Madrid.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Westminster Palace, London, Autumn 1485, how old is Elizabeth's mother?

2. In Westminster Palace, London, April 1486, who raises an army against Henry?

3. In St. Swithin's Priory, Winchester, September 1486, how many weeks does Lady Margaret say that Elizabeth must be confined before the birth of her child?

4. How many children did Elizabeth's mother have?

5. What is Edward missing when he returns from the crusades in Spring 1488?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Westminster Palace, London, March 1486, how does Elizabeth describe her father?

2. Where does Elizabeth's uncle Edward Woodville tell her he is going in Westminster Palace, London, Christmas 1486?

3. What is Arthur's christening gown like?

4. What does Lady Margaret do while Henry is being threatened by Lovell and the Staffords?

5. What does Elizabeth's mother look like when Elizabeth is reunited with her in Westminster Palace, London, Autumn 1485?

6. Why is Edward allowed to leave the tower and walk with the family to Mass?

7. What is the room like where Elizabeth will spend her confinement before and after her baby is born?

8. In Westminster Palace, London, Christmas 1486, when does Henry say that he goes to see Arthur and what does he do there?

9. Who is the man that Cecily will marry in Section 4?

10. What has Maggie's life been like in On the Great North Road, Autumn 1485?

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