Objects & Places from The White Princess

Philippa Gregory
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Tower of London

This is a place where enemies of the king are imprisoned, and it is also a place where the royal family goes to be safe.

The King's Crown

This represents victory and power. It is taken from the former ruler after he dies and given to the next ruler.

Sealing Wax

This is a way that letters are sealed and identifies the sender.

White Rose

This represents the York family and freedom, purity, and patience.

Red Rose

This represents the Lancaster and Tudor families, and it represents victory, death, and sacrifice.

Wedding Vows

These represent promises that cannot be broken - especially for women - in the novel.

The Boy

This person represents uncertainty for Henry’s reign, and he is a constant reminder to Henry that he has to fight for his throne.


These are important to a marriage and to the royal...

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