The White Princess Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Philippa Gregory
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Essay Topic 1

Elizabeth’s marriage to Henry was politically motivated. What role did politics in fifteenth century England play in the private lives of noble families and how were individuals expected to give their lives for political gain?

Essay Topic 2

Elizabeth marries Henry and eventually becomes the Queen of England. Is Elizabeth’s title as queen a symbol of power or is she queen in name only? Why?

Essay Topic 3

Henry trusts very few people. Who can Henry trust, and why are there so few people that he finds trustworthy?

Essay Topic 4

Henry is not respected by the people of England. Why does he not inspire trust in the people of England and why do the people of England not trust him?

Essay Topic 5

Elizabeth struggles with her loyalty to the family she grew up with and the family she married into. Why does Elizabeth have divided loyalties...

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