The White Princess Character Descriptions

Philippa Gregory
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Elizabeth of York

This character is the novel’s narrator. She was the lover of King Richard, and she is forced to marry the Tudor king to end the cousin’s war.

King Henry

This character spent his youth in exile. He is often called a pretender and is not well-liked by the people of England.

The Boy

This character is called Richard by many and Perkin Warbeck by royalty. He, his wife, and young son are captured, and he is eventually executed.

Elizabeth Woodville

This character was a York queen, and she forces her daughter to marry a Tudor king. She is accused of inciting a rebellion against the Tudors.

Lady Margaret

This character is the mother of the Tudor king. She is a religious woman who sets forth many rules for members of the court.

Margaret “Maggie “

This character is a member of the York family, and...

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