The White Princess Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Philippa Gregory
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Section 1: Sheriff Hutton Castle, Yorkshire, Autumn 1485 – Westminster Palace, London, November 1485

• Princess Elizabeth of York is mourning her lover, King Richard, who was killed in battle.

• Her mother, Queen Elizabeth, writes and asks Elizabeth to come to Tudor castle with her sisters and cousins.

• Elizabeth is to be married to Henry Tudor, who killed King Richard.

• Elizabeth tells her 16-year-old sister Cecily, that no one can know about the affair she had with Richard.

• Cecily had been married to a commoner before the battle that killed Richard.

• Elizabeth, her sisters, and her cousins arrive at Westminster Palace.

• Henry Tudor has promised to marry Elizabeth.

• Elizabeth’s cousin Maggie is concerned that her brother is in danger because he is the last York heir to the throne.

• Even though Elizabeth knows that her mother was not able to protect her brothers, she promises Maggie that her mother will protect Maggie...

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