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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is Robinton traveling to the cove?
(a) Belesdan's small boat.
(b) Master Idarolan's fastest, largest vessel.
(c) On dragonback.
(d) On a small fishing vessel.

2. Which of Menolly's fire-lizards accompanies Jaxom when he goes to find D'ram?
(a) Beauty.
(b) Poll.
(c) Rocky.
(d) Diver.

3. How many days does it take Master Idarolan to travel from Ista to Cove Hold?
(a) 18 days.
(b) 22 days.
(c) 31 days.
(d) 42 days.

4. How did Menolly almost lose Rocky and Diver on a previous visit to the cove at Southern?
(a) To a large unidentified animal.
(b) To an Oldtimer dragon.
(c) In a storm.
(d) To a mating queen fire-lizard.

5. Where do Sebell and N'ton meet with Lord Groghe in Chapter 16?
(a) Fort Hold.
(b) Masterharperhall.
(c) Ruatha.
(d) Fort Weyr.

6. Who copied every single Traditional song and ballad and bound them in blue wherhide for the Harper at Cove Hold?
(a) Dermently.
(b) Merelan.
(c) Morshall.
(d) Arnor.

7. How far back does Jaxom have to go to find D'ram?
(a) 5 Turns.
(b) 10 Turns.
(c) 25 Turns.
(d) 20 Turns.

8. Who is Jaxom's first visitor as he recovers at the cove?
(a) Robinton.
(b) N'ton.
(c) Lytol.
(d) Lessa.

9. Who flew Caylith when she rose to mate?
(a) Salth.
(b) Barnath.
(c) Spakinth.
(d) Ranilth.

10. Who brings Jaxom breakfast the day after he locates D'ram?
(a) Manora.
(b) Lessa.
(c) Mirrim and Menolly.
(d) Brekke.

11. Where did Jaxom and Piemur first meet?
(a) Piemur and Jaxom used to meet at Benden.
(b) Piemur and Jaxom used to meet at Benden.
(c) Piemur used to visit Ruatha.
(d) Classes at Fandarel's and Harper Hall.

12. How much older is T'kul than F'lar?
(a) About 25 Turns.
(b) About 5 Turns.
(c) Some 20 Turns.
(d) About 10 Turns.

13. How long has it been since Toric began trading North with fine samples of iron ore, copper, and tin?
(a) 3 Turns.
(b) 5 Turns.
(c) 4 Turns.
(d) 2 Turns.

14. What memory causes excitement for the fire-lizards at Southern?
(a) Buildings.
(b) A man and his dragon.
(c) Men.
(d) Ships.

15. How long has it taken to complete the surveys for the maps that Sebell shows F'lar and Lessa in Chapter 16?
(a) 5 Turns.
(b) 3 Turns.
(c) 1 Turn.
(d) 4 Turns.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do Jaxom and Ruth spend the night after locating D'ram?

2. Whose wing are Jaxom and Ruth to ride with for their first time fighting Thread with Fort dragons?

3. Who made the Harper's special chair at Cove Hold?

4. How many eggs did Caylith have in her first clutch?

5. What color are Sharra's eyes?

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