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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What types of fruit grow near the beach of the cove at Southern?
(a) Coconuts.
(b) Bananas.
(c) Pineapples.
(d) Red and yellow fruit.

2. At what position is Ruth to fly with the youngest queen dragon from Fort?
(a) Above her.
(b) On her right flank.
(c) Below her.
(d) On her left flank.

3. How far is the mountain that can be seen from the cove?
(a) 5-6 days travel.
(b) 1-2 days travel.
(c) 2-3 days travel.
(d) 4-5 days travel.

4. How long has it taken to complete the surveys for the maps that Sebell shows F'lar and Lessa in Chapter 16?
(a) 3 Turns.
(b) 1 Turn.
(c) 4 Turns.
(d) 5 Turns.

5. Who wakes Robinton at the beginning of Chapter 14?
(a) Silvina.
(b) Piemur.
(c) Sebell.
(d) Menolly.

6. Who rides the youngest queen at Fort?
(a) Kylara.
(b) Celina.
(c) Cosira.
(d) Prilla.

7. What direction do the dragons face when they come to Ruatha to fight the Thread?
(a) East.
(b) South.
(c) North.
(d) West.

8. How many eggs did Caylith have in her first clutch?
(a) 19.
(b) 34.
(c) 42.
(d) 25.

9. Who is the Lord of Ista?
(a) Lord Langrell.
(b) Lord Asgenar.
(c) Lord Faroguy.
(d) Lord Warbret.

10. Who copied every single Traditional song and ballad and bound them in blue wherhide for the Harper at Cove Hold?
(a) Arnor.
(b) Morshall.
(c) Dermently.
(d) Merelan.

11. Who is Jaxom's first visitor as he recovers at the cove?
(a) N'ton.
(b) Lessa.
(c) Lytol.
(d) Robinton.

12. What dragon dies when Caylith rises at Ista?
(a) Tuenth.
(b) Ranilth.
(c) Salth.
(d) Spakinth.

13. How far back does Jaxom have to go to find D'ram?
(a) 5 Turns.
(b) 25 Turns.
(c) 10 Turns.
(d) 20 Turns.

14. What color are Sharra's eyes?
(a) Hazel.
(b) Brown.
(c) Blue.
(d) Green.

15. Whose wing are Jaxom and Ruth to ride with for their first time fighting Thread with Fort dragons?
(a) The bronzes' wing.
(b) N'tol's wing.
(c) Queens' wing.
(d) With the greens' and blues' wing.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many days does it take Master Idarolan to travel from Ista to Cove Hold?

2. Who flew Caylith when she rose to mate?

3. Where do Sebell and N'ton meet with Lord Groghe in Chapter 16?

4. What color is the roof of Cove Hold?

5. How many days was Jaxom sick with a fever?

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