The White Dragon Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What color does N'ton tell Jaxom that Ruth is?

N'ton tells Jaxom that Ruth isn't really the color white. Rather, the dragon's hide has shadows of brown and gold, and ripples of blue or green on the near flank. Ruth is more all the dragon shades rather than the lack of any.

2. What problems did Jaxom cause when he impressed Ruth?

When Jaxom impressed Ruth, he caused numerous problems. He caused problems for the Benden Weyrleaders and the Lord Holders because he was not allowed to be a real dragonrider and live in a Weyr. He had to remain a Lord Holder of Ruatha, or Holdless sons of major Lords would fight to fill the vacancy. Then he had also caused a problem for his guardian, Lytol, because Ruth was a constant reminder of the loss Lytol had suffered when his own dragon died.

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