The White Dragon Fun Activities

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A Map of Pern

Create a map of Pern.

Everyone on Pern

Make a book that lists the characters, dragons, and fire lizards in "White Dragon," and where they make their homes.

Biography of Anne McCaffrey

Read "Anne McCaffrey: A Life of Dragons," the biography by Robin Roberts.

Dear Ms. McCaffrey

Write a letter to the author explaining what you did or did not like about the novel.


Make a timeline of events in the novel.

A Dragonrider Novel

Read another Dragonrider novel and compare it to "The White Dragon" with a short written or oral report.

Ruth and Jaxom at Ruatha

Draw a mural showing Ruth and Jaxom at Ruatha.

A Children's Game

Create a children's game with pebbles and sticks like Sharra taught Jaxom and Brekke to play. Teach the game to some children.

Dragon and Fire-lizard Comparison

Use a Venn diagram to compare dragons...

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