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Paul Beatty
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why doesn't Compton return home one night?
(a) He runs away from home.
(b) Lincoln wants him in Washington all the time.
(c) He dies during the trip.
(d) He falls in love with a girl in Washington.

2. What does Euripides do after he taunts some British soldiers?
(a) Lies down in the street.
(b) Runs home.
(c) Moves to the back of the crowd.
(d) Gets himself shot.

3. What seems to happen whenever Gunnar tries to make friends?
(a) He is asked to join a gang.
(b) The kids laugh at him.
(c) He gets beat up.
(d) He cannot make friends with any of the white boys.

4. What do the children think will happen to them at the park?
(a) They will make friends.
(b) They will get hurt on the basketball court.
(c) They will be bored.
(d) They will get beaten.

5. With what part of playing basketball does Nick have a problem?
(a) Fouling other players.
(b) Arguing with the referee.
(c) Attention from the other students.
(d) Obeying the coach.

6. What does Psycho Loco often ask Gunnar to do?
(a) Hide evidence of a crime.
(b) Date his sister.
(c) Do his homework.
(d) Go to gang meetings with him.

7. What type of social situation does Gunnar hate the most?
(a) Dances.
(b) Parties.
(c) School clubs.
(d) Pep rallies.

8. With whom are Gunnar and Nick's drama team competing in a tournament?
(a) Mostly teams from lower class white schools.
(b) Teams from other states.
(c) Other black schools in the district.
(d) Teams from mostly wealthy, white schools.

9. What is the name of the neighborhood to which Gunnar and his family have moved?
(a) Woodbridge.
(b) Las Casa.
(c) Hillside.
(d) Riverview.

10. What did Gunnar learn in Santa Monica that seems to anger kids where he now lives?
(a) Obeying his mother.
(b) Studying at school.
(c) Rules of etiquette.
(d) Sharing toys.

11. For what does Eileen Litmus report Gunnar?
(a) Telling bad jokes.
(b) Pouring water over her head.
(c) Copying off her test.
(d) Passing notes.

12. What was Euripides Kaufman's position in life?
(a) He owned a farm in Pennsylvania.
(b) A slave in Boston.
(c) He was a Baptist minister.
(d) The servant in a New York mansion.

13. What does Gunnar tell the officers when they ask whether he is involved in any gangs?
(a) He asks what a gang is.
(b) He's in the Gang of Four.
(c) He says he quit last week.
(d) He says he's in the Crispy Critters.

14. What does Franz do for the rest of his life?
(a) Goes to the train station every evening.
(b) Look for a new job.
(c) Try to find Compton.
(d) Polish Compton's shoes every night.

15. What does Gunnar do before they move?
(a) Steals the car keys so they can't move.
(b) Wrecks the house.
(c) Writes all his friends a letter.
(d) Gets kicked out of school.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Swen want to do for a living?

2. What surprises the school receptionist about Gunnar's arrival at school?

3. What do the Gun Totin' Hooligans do to avenge Pumpkin?

4. What does Gunnar like to do most at home?

5. How did Swen leave home?

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