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Paul Beatty
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the original name of the Gun Totin' Hooligans?
(a) Electric Heads.
(b) Movin' Legs.
(c) Body Eccentric.
(d) Death by Fear.

2. What does Gunnar's mother tell him to go get after they arrive at their new house?
(a) Breakfast for the family.
(b) A haircut.
(c) Some new clothes.
(d) A city bus pass.

3. What type of social situation does Gunnar hate the most?
(a) School clubs.
(b) Parties.
(c) Dances.
(d) Pep rallies.

4. What is the name of the neighborhood to which Gunnar and his family have moved?
(a) Las Casa.
(b) Woodbridge.
(c) Hillside.
(d) Riverview.

5. Where do Gunnar and Nick have lunch sometimes to escape the school crowds?
(a) In the gym.
(b) At the library.
(c) Outside in the bleachers around the track.
(d) The coach's office.

6. What does Nick do to keep attention away from him?
(a) Stops trying so hard in basketball.
(b) Begins to skip games.
(c) Punches out students who talk to him.
(d) Messes up his school work.

7. What does Gunnar say the majority of the playground jokes concern?
(a) They are mostly ethnic jokes.
(b) They are mostly gang jokes.
(c) They are mostly jokes about teachers.
(d) They are mostly jokes about sex.

8. What two girls never take no for an answer from Gunnar?
(a) Sally and Mary.
(b) Penny and Felicia.
(c) Betty and Veronica.
(d) Kathy and Linda.

9. Why does Gunnar think the officers' question about gangs is absurd?
(a) He is too young to be in a gang.
(b) He is obviously an upper class black.
(c) He hasn't been there long enough to make friends.
(d) His mother would never allow him to join a gang.

10. What does Gunnar feel like in his neighborhood?
(a) A prophet.
(b) A foreigner.
(c) A clean-up boy.
(d) A social reformer.

11. What have the Gun Totin' Hooligans decided to do to honor Pumpkin?
(a) Buy his headstone.
(b) Support his mother.
(c) Attack another gang.
(d) Take care of his sisters.

12. What does Gunnar's mother do about his getting in trouble?
(a) Makes him attend church.
(b) Makes him join the Cub Scouts.
(c) Makes him go to the Boy's Club.
(d) Makes him give up his bike for a year.

13. What are Gunnar and his sisters told when others arrive at the park?
(a) They are not allowed to use the swings.
(b) They are in a gang's turf.
(c) They can use the swings only on the west side of the park.
(d) They have to pay a dime each to use the park.

14. What kind of stories does Gunnar's mother tell him?
(a) Humorous stories.
(b) Stories of Africa.
(c) Family history.
(d) Fables with a moral.

15. What emotion does Swen inspire in the people around him?
(a) Joy.
(b) Confusion.
(c) Hate.
(d) Love.

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of ritual do the Gun Totin' Hooligans have to honor dead members?

2. What does Gunnar do at Pumpkin's funeral?

3. What does Euripides do after he taunts some British soldiers?

4. What is the park near Gunnar's house like?

5. What does Gunnar think his school does to race?

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