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Paul Beatty
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Eight.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is the audience shocked by Gunnar's speech?
(a) He does the entire speech in Spanish.
(b) He modifies Shakespeare.
(c) He does all of his Shakespearean speech in rap.
(d) He recites from the wrong play.

2. What does Gunnar enjoy at Nick's house?
(a) Listening to rap music.
(b) Studying the history of Africa.
(c) Painting wild, colorful wall murals.
(d) Watching roller derby with Nick's mother.

3. What does Euripides do after he taunts some British soldiers?
(a) Runs home.
(b) Moves to the back of the crowd.
(c) Lies down in the street.
(d) Gets himself shot.

4. What happens after more children arrive at the swings?
(a) The swing set is pushed over.
(b) Betty knocks Gunnar out.
(c) A pick-up game of basketball starts.
(d) The Kaufman children are beaten.

5. With what part of playing basketball does Nick have a problem?
(a) Obeying the coach.
(b) Attention from the other students.
(c) Fouling other players.
(d) Arguing with the referee.

Short Answer Questions

1. What inspires Swen to create a new dance?

2. What was Euripides Kaufman's position in life?

3. What are Gunnar and his sisters told when others arrive at the park?

4. Where does a recruiter from Harvard take Gunnar?

5. What did Swen want to do for a living?

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