Objects & Places from The White Boy Shuffle

Paul Beatty
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Santa Monica

This seaside city near Los Angeles, California, is where Gunnar spends part of his childhood.


This West Los Angeles neighborhood is where Gunnar's mother moves the family so they can become closer to their black heritage.


Gunnar attends college in this eastern U.S. city.


Gunnar, Nick, and Yoshiko often go to this neighborhood in Boston to seek the types of bars and musical entertainment they enjoy.

Amos n Andy

This radio program is popular in the United States from the 1920s through the 1950s.

Gun Totin' Hooligans

This Los Angeles street gang was once a dance troupe.

Reynier Park

This municipal park located in the neighborhood of Hillside is where Yoshiko gives birth to Naomi.

Cheviot Heights

This wealthy predominantly white neighborhood is located above the hill the neighborhood of Hillside is built into.

Hot Mama-sans of the Orient

This is the...

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