The White Boy Shuffle Fun Activities

Paul Beatty
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Have students act out one scene of in The White Boy Shuffle.


Change one scene in The White Boy Shuffle to a script for a movie.

Gunnar and Nick Meet in the Afterlife

Write a conversation between Gunnar and Nick when they meet in the afterlife.

Playing Psychiatrist

Have the students choose one character from The White Boy Shuffle conduct a psychiatric evaluation of and come up with a diagnosis.


Have a trial for Gunnar pretending that his father turned him in for looting.

Letter Writing

Write a letter from Gunnar to his father.


Write a poem you think Gunnar might write.

Magazine Reporter

Interview Gunnar People Magazine.


Write an epitaph for Nick.

Literature Review

Write a literature review for The White Boy Shuffle.


Design a poster which advertises The White Boy Shuffle if it were made into a movie.

Trivial Game

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