The White Boy Shuffle Character Descriptions

Paul Beatty
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Gunnar Kaufman

He is the narrator of The White Boy Shuffle.

Nicholas Scoby

He becomes Gunnar's first real friend after Gunnar's family moves to Hillside.

Psycho Loco (a.k.a. Juan Julio Sanchez)

His reputation for violence is well deserved.

Yoshiko Katsu Kaufman

This character arrives via UPS and marries Gunnar in his mother's front yard.

Coach Motome Chijiiwa Shimimoto

This character learns to play basketball in an internment camp during World War II. He is a mentor and friend to Gunnar.

Brenda Kaufman

This is Gunnar's mother. She does not know her own family so she tells Gunnar the history of his father's family.

Rolf Kaufman

This is Gunnar's father. Originally from Mississippi, he serves in the army before getting a job with the Los Angeles Police Department.

Nicole Kaufman

This is Gunnar's youngest sister.

Christina Kaufman

This sister of Gunnar is the middle Kaufman child.


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