The White Boy Shuffle Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Paul Beatty
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Prologue and Chapter One

• Narrator Gunnar Kaufman says that he has been conscripted as the voice of all African Americans, a role he does not want.

• Gunnar says he comes from a long line of subservient blacks. His parents are divorced and he and his sisters live with his mother.

• Gunnar's mother works in a clinic and tells the children stories of their father's family. She has no stories of her own family.

• Euripides, their father's ancestor, came up with a scheme to own money and purchased his freedom at the age of nine.

• Gunnar's father works for the Police Department as a sketch artist. The other officers tell black jokes.
• Euripides taunts some British soldiers from a crowd then moves to the back before the soldiers open fire.

• During black history month Gunnar delights his class with tales of his ancestors.

• Swen Kaurman ran from the north...

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