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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What ultimatum does Lady Anna give her daughter once Stephen admits to falling in love with Angela?
(a) Stephen cannont see Angela anymore, or else.
(b) Either Stephen move out of Morton, or she will.
(c) There is no ultimatum. Lady Anna is excited her daughter is in love.
(d) If Stephen does not apologize for the pain she's caused Angela, she will be forced out of Morton.

2. What did Sir Phillip have an opportunity to express, yet failed to deliver when approached by Stephen?
(a) His information on the secret location of Martin Hallam.
(b) The details concerning Stephen's inhertance listed in his will.
(c) Stephen's true nature and sexuality.
(d) Stephen's utter hopelessness to connect with others.

3. What is the likely reason Lady Anna feels left out of Sir Phillip and Stephen's discussions?
(a) Lady Anna is not highly educated.
(b) Sir Phillip intentionally keeps her out.
(c) Lady Anna is afraid of what she might learn.
(d) Stephen stops talking when Lady Anna enters the room.

4. After hearing rumors of Angela's love life, what action does Stephen take in a desperate attempt to impress Angela?
(a) She buys a burial plot for Angela's dead dog, Tony.
(b) She secretly hides outiside Angela's home to spy.
(c) She purchases luxuries such as fine clothes, strutting her wealth.
(d) She hunts and kills a prize buck, offering it to Angela.

5. As Sir Phillip and Stephen share their discussions, Lady Anna often feels left out. What is Sir Phillip's response towards his wife's displeasure?
(a) Often invites her to join.
(b) Avoids any argument with his wife.
(c) Immediately changes their conversation subject to accommodate his wife's interests.
(d) Commands she respect their privacy.

6. Which of the following best describes Angela's attitude toward Stephen while both women are away from London?
(a) Deeply romantic and yearning for their reunification.
(b) Cruel and annoyed.
(c) Embarrassed that she even entertained the idea of a relationship with Stephen.
(d) Impersonal, yet friendly.

7. What action does Lady Anna take after noticing her daughter's behavior towards the housemaid, Collins?
(a) Slaps Stephen across the face.
(b) Ignores the behavior and goes about her day.
(c) Takes Stephen shopping.
(d) Lovingly embraces Stephen.

8. After Sir Phillip purchases his "lavish" expense, how does Stephen respond to such consumerism?
(a) Stephen is indifferent to Sir Phillip's purchase.
(b) Stephen takes great interest in Sir Phillip's purchase as well.
(c) Stephen complains to Lady Anna that Sir Phillip will bankrupt thier family with his behavior.
(d) Stephen becomes bitter that Sir Phillip loves things more than her.

9. During the love triangle, what is causing Stephen's misery?
(a) Stephen's horse, Collins, dies.
(b) Angela's pet dog, Tony, dies.
(c) Stephen's mother, Lady Anna, has moved out of Morton.
(d) Stephen is convinced she is losing Angela.

10. As Stephen begrudgingly discovers from Violet Antrim, what character is suspected of having romantic relations with Angela?
(a) Williams the old groom.
(b) Martin Hallum.
(c) Colonel Antrim.
(d) Roger Antrim.

11. During the Gordon family's Christmas rituals, what two characters' relational tension hang over the festivities?
(a) Lady Anna and Colonel Antrim.
(b) Stephen and Lady Anna.
(c) Sir Phillip and Lady Anna.
(d) Stephen and Sir Phillip.

12. Sir Phillip desires Stephen attend which university?
(a) Oxford.
(b) Cambridge.
(c) St. Andrews.
(d) Edinburgh.

13. What is the reason Stephen went to town on the day when she first meets Angela?
(a) To sell horses.
(b) To sell her father's motor car.
(c) To break up a dog fight.
(d) To cash a check.

14. Where does Stephen first meet Martin Hallam?
(a) At the marketplace.
(b) At a Christmas Eve party.
(c) At a New Years Eve party.
(d) On a hunting expedtion.

15. Sir Phillip, uncomfortable with his daughter's tutor, replaces Mademoiselle Duphot with whom?
(a) Miss Puddleton.
(b) Mademoiselle Duphot was not replaced.
(c) Monsieur Truffet.
(d) Miss Antrim.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the primary comfort Stephen resorts to in her moments of grief?

2. When Lady Anna catches wind of her daughter's suspected relationship with Angela, were does she confront Stephen?

3. How does Stephen respond upon seeing Collins' love encounter with the male servant?

4. Which of the following best describes Stephen's attitude before and during her second visit over tea with Angela?

5. What occupation did Angela take once in New York in hope of earning an income?

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