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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As Stephen grows older and expands her athletic and academic interests, how can her relationship with Lady Anna best be illustrated?
(a) An ever-increasing distance and misunderstanding.
(b) Misunderstanding, but real love and concern nonetheless.
(c) Good friends, but never real love and concern.
(d) An ever-increasing closeness and understanding.

2. What characteristic traits can best describe Stephen's tutor, Mademoiselle Duphot, as their relationship develops?
(a) Critical and manipulative.
(b) Fun and unprofessional.
(c) Stern and unemotional.
(d) Compassionate and supportive.

3. What is Angela's last name?
(a) Terry.
(b) Davis
(c) Mckinney.
(d) Crossby.

4. What does Stephen learn about herself through her relationship with Martin?
(a) True love goes through many trials before reallization.
(b) Stephen is a sheltered girl, afriad to venture out socially.
(c) Stephen is selfish and mean-spirited.
(d) That she will never love a man.

5. Much to the chagrin of the head groom Williams, Sir Phillip purchases what luxury?
(a) Telephone.
(b) Motor car.
(c) Sail Boat.
(d) Gantling gun.

6. What reason does Angela give as to why she is struggling to accept her relationship with Stephen?
(a) Because she is afriad her husband will beat her or worse for trying to leave.
(b) Because she fears Stephen doesn't feel the same way about her.
(c) Because she is not interested in a homosexual relationship.
(d) Because she is fearful Stephen cannont provide the stability and security she desperatly needs.

7. Where does Stephen witness Angela kissing another lover?
(a) At her door.
(b) In her garden.
(c) In her kitchen.
(d) On her roof.

8. Which of the following best describes Angela's attitude toward Stephen while both women are away from London?
(a) Cruel and annoyed.
(b) Embarrassed that she even entertained the idea of a relationship with Stephen.
(c) Deeply romantic and yearning for their reunification.
(d) Impersonal, yet friendly.

9. What object was additionally added to the furious letter and sent to the Morton residence?
(a) A lock of Angela's hair.
(b) A restraining order, signed by Angela.
(c) Stephen's gift to Angela, a pearl ring.
(d) Stephen's emotional letter to Angela

10. As the marital tension between Lady Anna and Sir Phillip worsens, what key piece information is left out in their arguments?
(a) Sir Phillip's knowledge of Stephen's sexuality.
(b) Lady Anna's knowledge of Collins the housemaid's true fate.
(c) Sir Phillip's frustration with Lady Anna's intolerance.
(d) Lady Anna's desire for Stephen to marry Martin.

11. Where does Stephen see Collins and a male servant kiss?
(a) Behind a tree.
(b) Under a bridge.
(c) In the garden shed.
(d) In the broom closet.

12. When Lady Anna catches wind of her daughter's suspected relationship with Angela, were does she confront Stephen?
(a) In the kitchen.
(b) In the gardenhouse.
(c) In the study.
(d) In Stephen's bedroom.

13. Stephen and Martin gradually become close friends. What is the most possible explanation for this?
(a) They share similar intrests and opinions.
(b) All of the above.
(c) They enjoy dancing together at parties.
(d) They both will attend the same university.

14. In order to protect herself from possible accusations of infidelity, how does Angela explain her relationship with Stephen?
(a) They were true romantic partners and lovers.
(b) Her attempt to reform a troubled Stephen went "too far."
(c) Stephen was obsessed with her.
(d) They were only good friends, never romantic.

15. After conversing with Lady Anna about her relationship with Angela, what does Stephen discover in her father's study that questions her thoughts and identity?
(a) A letter written by Sir Phillip to his secret male lover.
(b) A secret drawer filled with old whiskey and gin bottles.
(c) Sir Phillip's psychology books.
(d) Sir Phillip's music records.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of Angela's dog?

2. After her heartbreaking discovery in Angela's garden, what does Stephen do as a consequence?

3. Amid the lingering gossip and rumors about Stephen circulating throughout the community, what character staunchly defends the bullied girl?

4. Stephen and her father spend hours together in his study. What do they prefer to discuss?

5. Where does Stephen first meet Martin Hallam?

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