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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 4: Chapters 35-39.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Puddle react when Stephen suggests she move back to Morton?
(a) She is reluctant.
(b) She is eager.
(c) She is obedient.
(d) She is outraged.

2. Which of the following did Lady Anna shout once Stephen admits to falling in love with Angela?
(a) "I wish you had never been born!"
(b) "You're forbidden from seeing her!"
(c) "I'm so embarrased. You've hurt that poor woman!"
(d) "I'm so proud of you!"

3. Amid the lingering gossip and rumors about Stephen circulating throughout the community, what character staunchly defends the bullied girl?
(a) Sir Phillip.
(b) Martin Hallam.
(c) Colonel Antrim.
(d) Miss Puddleton.

4. Rumors begin to spread among the Gordon family and the surrounding community concerning Stephen's unusual behavior. What is the result on Stephen's life after such accusations?
(a) A path of self-exploration.
(b) A spiral of depression and confusion.
(c) A renewed interest in connecting with others.
(d) Deep resentment toward her family and others. Avoidance at all costs.

5. After being injured in battle, what French military honor is bestowed upon Stephen for her courage?
(a) Croix du combattant.
(b) Croix de la Valeur Militaire.
(c) Croix de Guerre.
(d) Médaille des évadés.

Short Answer Questions

1. As the friendship progresses, Martin confesses his love for Stephen and his desire for mutual affection. What is Stephen's reaction to this revelation?

2. While Stephen and Lady Anna wait anxiously by Sir Phillip's bedside, what are the effects of the drugs given to Sir Phillip by the doctor?

3. Which character could be considered as the "third leg" in Stephen and Angela's love triangle?

4. How does Stephen react when Angela has to cancel their afternoon together?

5. Stephen and Martin gradually become close friends. What is the most possible explanation for this?

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