The Weight of Silence Short Essay - Answer Key

Heather Gudenkauf
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1. What does Calli need to do when she wakes up early one morning?

Calli wakes up very early one morning. She hears her father downstairs as he gets ready to go. She has to go to the bathroom badly, but there is only one bathroom in the house, and if she uses it, her father will see her.

2. How does the school nurse treat Calli's accidents?

The nurse at school, Mrs. White, was very kind when Calli had her accidents. She would document the accidents. She notifies Calli's mother after nine accidents, telling Calli that she is going to do so, but reassuring Calli that the girl is not in trouble.

3. How has Calli's bathroom crisis worsened and what does she decide to do?

Calli really needs to go to the bathroom now. She thinks about going in her trash bin, but she knows she will worry her mother if she does this. She considers climbing out the window to go outside, but she knows this is dangerous. Calli decides to try sneaking to the bathroom without her father seeing her.

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