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Heather Gudenkauf
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Sections 851-1604.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What shows the whimsical side of Calli and Antonia?
(a) The cotton in Calli's box.
(b) The pieces of bark in Calli's box.
(c) The way Calli and her mother danced in the woods.
(d) The picture of the two of them dressed as tree nymphs.

2. About what does Antonia feel she failed?
(a) Taking action when Calli first stopped talking.
(b) Keeping her husband from calling Calli names.
(c) Showing Calli how much she loves her.
(d) Showing Calli how to handle her father.

3. What did Calli's kindergarten teacher think of Calli at first?
(a) She was easily distracted.
(b) She was shy.
(c) She was not very smart.
(d) She was stubborn.

4. What does Antonia have in common with Martin concerning this situation?
(a) Both of them believe the girls are not coming back.
(b) They love their spouses.
(c) That others are judging them negatively about the missing children.
(d) Neither of them wanted children.

5. What does Mrs. White document?
(a) How often Calli cries.
(b) The times Calli is quiet.
(c) Calli's accidents.
(d) The times Calli speaks.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Antonia seem with her answers when questioned by Fitzgerald?

2. What do the testers find wrong with Calli?

3. When does Mrs. White contact Calli's mother?

4. What do the testers decide to teach Calli?

5. Where does Petra go?

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