Objects & Places from The Weight of Silence

Heather Gudenkauf
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Pink Nightgown

This is what Calli was wearing when she disappeared.

Cowboy Boots

Calli loved wearing these shoes.


This is what Martin grabbed when he went out to find his daughter's attacker.

Antonia's Garden

This is an area where Antonia works to stay calm.


Mr. Wilson reaches Calli better than other counselors when he encourages her to use these instead of talking.

Willow Creek Woods

This is where Calli, Antonia and Ben like to go and play and have picnics.

Iowa City

This is where Petra is taken for treatment.


This is an object that Calli has in her hand when she comes out of the woods.

St. Gilianus

This is where Martin worked as an economics professor.

Mourning Glory

This is where Fielda worked as a waitress when Martin first met her.

American Sign Language

Calli learned basic words in this so she could...

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