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Heather Gudenkauf
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Essay Topic 1

Calli's father has a drinking problem. He is moody as a result of this. When he's not drinking, he's a wonderful father, but when he is drinking Calli tries to stay away from him. The problem each day is that she never knows when she goes downstairs whether or not he is drinking alcohol. At the end of the chapter, the reader realizes that the father doesn't believe he really is Calli's father, and he's bitter about the fact.

1. Discuss what you think constitutes a drinking problem. Talk about symptoms, duration, behavior and changes in a person. Does Griff have a drinking problem according to what you define as a drinking problem? Use examples from you own life and the text to support your answer.

2. How do you think the inconsistency of Griff's behavior affects his family's life? Do you think it would be better if...

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