The Weight of Silence Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Heather Gudenkauf
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Section 1-850

• A silent girl runs out of the woods and Antonia and Louis see her. The girl runs right past them to the sheriff and speaks for the first time in three years.

• Calli is a awake and has to go to the bathroom but if she uses it her father will see her. She looks at her school material. She loves school.

• The teachers at school are always trying to get her to talk as they thinks she is just shy until she begins to have accidents.

• Mrs. White, the school nurse, documents the accidents and when there have been nine she tells Calli she is going to inform Calli's mother.

• She reassures Calli she is not in trouble. A team of educators test Calli but can find nothing wrong. They decide to teach her American Sign Language.
• Calli thinks about going in her trash bin...

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