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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Lewis in his discussion of Pacifism, what sort of society tolerates Pacifists?
(a) Religious.
(b) Conservative.
(c) Liberal.
(d) Anarchist.

2. In "Why I am Not a Pacifist" Lewis says that nothing should be treated as intuition unless what?
(a) The majority agree that it applies.
(b) The Bible specifically states it.
(c) It can be proven as scientific fact.
(d) No good man has ever dreamed of doubting.

3. Which of the following does Lewis quote in "Transposition" in his attempt to refute religious critics?
(a) Romeo and Juliet.
(b) Pepys' Diary.
(c) A Modest Proposal.
(d) Beowulf.

4. Lewis says in "Transposition" that it may seem strange that an apocalypse can describe heaven with nothing more than all but which of the following?
(a) Thrones.
(b) Crowns.
(c) Music.
(d) Angels.

5. While discussing Pacifism, Lewis mentions that he believes only one world religion is truly Pacifist. To which religion does he refer?
(a) Buddhism.
(b) Animism.
(c) Hinduism.
(d) Unitarianism.

Short Answer Questions

1. In "The Weight of Glory", Lewis says he thinks the idea that desiring good for ourselves and enjoying it is bad comes from which philosopher's thoughts?

2. What happens at the end of Lewis's analogy when the boy in the dungeon learns that there are no pencil marks in the outside world?

3. Which analogy does Lewis use when discussing the seeming pointlessness of continuing education during a war?

4. What sort of fanatic does Lewis describe in "Why I am Not a Pacifist" who has an unanswerable intuition that strong drink is wrong?

5. In "The Weight of Glory", Lewis states that he is shocked to find all but which of the following Christians taking heavenly glory quite literally?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why, in "Why I am Not a Pacifist", is Lewis unmoved by the fact that many of those who die during a war are innocent?

2. When comparing the Christian life to that of a schoolboy in "The Weight of Glory", why does Lewis say that the analogy eventually breaks down?

3. Explain Lewis's statement in the discussion of war that a man may have to die for his country but that no man must live for his country.

4. Why, according to Lewis in "Learning in War-time", might some view continuing education as odd during a great war?

5. Why, when discussing the concept of glory, does Lewis describe glory as being noticed by God?

6. When talking about the highest virtues, Lewis states that people today see unselfishness as the highest but that Christians of old thought love is the greatest. Lewis believes unselfishness to be a negative term while love is positive. Why does Lewis believe that unselfishness is negative?

7. Sum up Lewis's final explanation for why he is not a Pacifist at the end of "Why I am Not a Pacifist".

8. In "Learning in War-time," what is Lewis's response to those who ask how we can be so selfish as to think of anything but war?

9. Discuss Lewis's response in "The Weight of Glory" when talking about Wordsworth's definition of beauty in life.

10. Discuss Lewis's assertion in "Learning in War-time" that war creates no absolutely new situation.

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