Daily Lessons for Teaching The Weight of Glory and Other Addresses

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Lesson 1 (from The Weight of Glory)


The Weight of Glory

Lewis begins "The Weight of Glory" by discussing negative and positive connotations for various virtues. Students will examine these virtues and discuss why they are positive or negative.


1. Writing assignment: Students will write a half-page journal discussing what modern virtues might be considered to have positive or negative associations.

2. Small group activity: Students will compare and contrast their lists from the previous writing assignment. Why have they chosen those particular virtues? What makes a virtue positive or negative? Do students all agree on some positive or negative virtues? Why?

3. Class discussion: Why does Lewis believe that unselfishness is a negative spin on love? Does unselfishness always have to be negative, or are there positive applications? Does Lewis merely mean that MOST applications of unselfishness are negative? Does human nature tend toward the negative view? Why?

4. Homework: Students will read the first...

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