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Gary Schmidt
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through February.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When does Mr. Hoodhood miss the evening news because he is preparing for the presentation of the Businessman of 1967 Award?
(a) First Monday in February.
(b) Second Friday in February.
(c) Third Monday in February.
(d) First Friday in February.

2. How much money does Holling have left over from Valentine's Day?
(a) 64 cents.
(b) 48 cents.
(c) 81 cents.
(d) 79 cents.

3. On Valentine's Day, where does Holling take Meryl Lee after seeing Romeo and Juliet?
(a) Cafe.
(b) Diner.
(c) Woolworth's.
(d) Ice cream parlor.

4. What does Kowalski and Associates do about its bid for the new junior high?
(a) Confess why they changed their plans.
(b) Redraw their plans.
(c) Submit their original plans.
(d) Withdraw.

5. In January, for what project is Mr. Hoodhood invited to bid?
(a) New junior high.
(b) New grocery store.
(c) New high school.
(d) New bakery.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Miss Violet want Holling to sing in November?

2. What baseball player will be signing baseball bats and baseballs at the Baker Sporting Emporium in December?

3. What jersey number does the baseball player signing baseballs and bats at the Baker Sporting Emporium wear?

4. In December, where is Mrs. Sidman taking a retreat in seclusion?

5. When does the "Home Town Chronicle" run a shot of Holling as Ariel in the play?

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