Objects & Places from The Wednesday Wars

Gary Schmidt
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Camillo Junior High

This is where Holling and other students go to school.

Temple Beth-El

This is the Jewish temple where Holling’s Jewish classmates go on Wednesday and Sunday for religious services, and where Danny has his bar mitzvah.

Saint Adelbert's

This is the Catholic church where some of Holling’s classmates go on Wednesday and Sunday.

Shakespeare's Plays

These are works that Mrs. Baker has Holling read on Wednesday afternoons. Holling also acts in one of these.

Catholic Relief Agency

This is a group that brought Mai Thi from Vietnam to live in the United States.

Long Island Shakespeare's Holiday Extravaganza

This is the production where Holling plays Ariel, the fairy in a play.

Vietnam War

This is a conflict that the United States is fighting during the time when the novel takes place. Mrs. Baker and Mrs. Bigio have husbands serving in this.

Yankee Stadium

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