The Wednesday Wars Fun Activities

Gary Schmidt
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Shakespeare Play

Pick one of the plays Holling reads and act out a scene with a group.

Author Interview

Write ten questions that you would ask the author if you could interview him.

The Perfect House

Use a Venn diagram graphic organizer to compare your house to Holling's "perfect house."


Draw a portrait of Holling, Danny, Meryl Lee, and Mai Thi.

Map It

Create a map of the area where Holling lives and goes to school.

Wednesday Wars

Discuss with a group other titles that would have been appropriate for the novel.


Create a diorama of Holling's house.


Create a gravestone for Mrs. Bigio's husband.

Vietnam War

Research the war and write a couple paragraphs explaining what you learned about the war, when it was fought, and why it was fought.

Yellow Flower

Draw a yellow flower like Heather had on her cheek.

Martin Luther King Jr.

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