The Wednesday Wars Character Descriptions

Gary Schmidt
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Holling Hoodhood

This character is a seventh grade boy who is the only Presbyterian among his Jewish and Catholic classmates. His family is upper class, but his domineering father makes it difficult for his family to have close relationships.

Betty Baker

This character teaches seventh grade, and has one student who does not attend religious instruction on Wednesdays, so she has to find things for him to do. Her husband is serving in Vietnam.

Meryl Lee Kowalski

This character’s father is an architect. She has had a crush on a boy in her class since third grade, and she gets a date with him on Valentine’s day.

Danny Hupfer

This character is a seventh grader who stands up for a friend when Mickey Mantle refuses to sign his baseball. In the novel, he is preparing for his bar mitzvah.

Mai Thi

This character is a seventh grader...

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