The Wednesday Wars Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Gary Schmidt
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• The following version of this book was used to create this study guide: Schmidt, Gary D., The Wednesday Wars, Clarion Books; EBook Reprint edition, 2009.

• In September, Holling Hoodhood is beginning seventh grade.

• He believes that his teacher, Mrs. Baker hates him.

• He is not sure why, because he has not done anything.

• If his teacher hated Doug Swieteck, that would make sense.

• Doug is a boy who created 410 ways to get a teacher to hate you and got suspended last year for trying number six on his list.

• Holling lives exactly in the middle of town.

• To the north of his house everyone is Jewish.

• To the south of his house everyone is Catholic.

• Holling’s family is Presbyterian.

• On Wednesday afternoons, the Jews and the Catholics are excused for religious instruction.

• Since Holling is the only Presbyterian, he will be left alone with Mrs. Baker.

• After...

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