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Michael Harner
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In his guided, step-by-step instructions for a first journey, Harner instructs the aspiring shaman to eat:
(a) Only seeds and fruit.
(b) Chicken.
(c) Lightly.
(d) Nothing.

2. What does the author tell an aspiring shaman to do upon returning from his or her first journey?
(a) Go to sleep.
(b) Immediately stand and walk around.
(c) Drink a glass of water.
(d) Describe the journey aloud.

3. Through numerous examples, the author shows the commonality of experiences by shamans regardless of what?
(a) Their state of mind.
(b) Their authenticity.
(c) Their locations or traditions.
(d) Their schooling.

4. After a journey that lasts several days in the jungle with his companions, Harner is taken where?
(a) Beneath a waterfall for a mystical experience.
(b) To a ledge overlooking an enchanted valley.
(c) To the source of the Amazon to meet the highest shaman.
(d) On another journey to experience higher levels of reality.

5. Which of the following do reputable shamans NOT do?
(a) Make deals with evil spirits.
(b) Take on patients' symptoms.
(c) Practice clairvoyance.
(d) Cross realities at will.

Short Answer Questions

1. What similarity does Harner point out between shamanism and science?

2. Shamans from Venezuela, North America, Australia, and other regions all report having similar what?

3. Harner claims that when he shared his vision of dragon-like creatures that appeared from outer space with another shaman, that person:

4. What does Harner compare his near-death experience with the Conibo to?

5. Included in the reports from participants of Harner's first guided shamanic exercise are:

Short Essay Questions

1. What are the main functions and activities of a shaman, as described in Chapter 3?

2. What are other names the author mentions for guardian spirits, and what cultures call them by these alternate names?

3. Harner compares rock-seeing to what Western practices?

4. Prompted by similarities he found in books and accounts about shamanic experiences, what did Harner decide to do in order to learn more about shamanism?

5. Harner says that apprentice shamans report similarities in how they get out of difficulties. What are some of the difficulties he mentions?

6. Describe an environment that's conducive to the shaman being most effective while in a shamanic state of consciousness (SSC).

7. Describe the spirit helpers known as tsentak.

8. How does Harner say that a shaman can be distinguished from other medicine men?

9. What are some of the similarities Harner notes in first-hand shamanic experiences reported by middle-class Americans?

10. Describe Harner's experience of spiritually going to a cave beneath a waterfall with a Jivaro shaman.

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